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Solar Kiosk Project

Solar Kiosk Project (SKP) in Partnership with Urbis-Foundation

ACSET Uganda is implementing a Solar Kiosk Project (SKP) in partnership with Urbis-Foundation in Germany. SKP aims to improve on the livelihood of the rural households through cheap and sustainable source of energy and to promote better education and health services through good lighting energy sources in schools and health centers. A solar lighting system has been installed in Cleverland High School in Namasale TownCouncil – Amolatar District with capacity of 200W panels, 150 mAH batteries and 16 lighting points, 240V ports for charging appliances like Lap Tops and mobile phones as well as other components. All the four class rooms, girls and boys dormitory as well as security lights in the compound have been installed with adequate lighting points. One component of the project supports Households with mobile solar lamps; SKP has supported 20 households in Kamawulu cell in Central ward, Namasale Towncouncil with Self-rechargeable Mobile Solar LED Lamps that are very durable. These lamps have solar panel of 0.8W, LED Lamp bead of 0.8W, Battery of 550mAH/3.2V, Luminous flux level 1:25lm and level 2:80 lm, and lighting duration of 18 – 20 hours at level one and 7-8 hours at level two. Thank you to urbis-foundation for supporting this initiative.